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December,23rd, 2013

Senro Font

It's been over twelve years since I've made an original font.
But for an upcoming project I just couldn't find a font that properly completed the over look. I struck out to make my own.
It's available here free for a limited while I work out some kinks and it remains in it's beta version. Senro comes in three weights, and has support for a wide range of languages.
Give it a try!



December,18th, 2013

hausblend Site Relaunch

After three years of our old format, today we are launching the redesigned reponsive hausblend website.
We've taken out some of the old content and redistributed it across various social media platforms. Expect the site to be a bit sparse for a little while. But, look forward to alot of new content coming up!



May, 1st, 2013

New Digs

hausblend has moved to amazing new digs in Yoga, Setagaya-ku.